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Best Time To Visit :
The best time to visit Thailand is from December to March, because the weather is at its finest in Thailand. The peak seasons are August, November, December, Febuary and March, with secondary peak months in January and More....


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Chinese 12 Animal Signs & Relationship - Dog


        The Dog is in the eleventh position of the Chinese Zodiac. People who are born under the year of the Dog are loyal, kind, and compatible. You can always lean on the shoulder of the Dogs.

            They are very dependable. Dogs are full of good advices, but they are also a great listen. Happiness of the other is often more important than wealth or success to Dogs.

            Dogs are very goal oriented. They always finish what they have started. In general, Dogs a are honest, loyal, and trustworthy to their friend. Dogs usually have high moral and ethic values.

            On the down sides, Dogs can be stubborn and narrow-minded. People who are born in the year of the Dog should learn how to relax and more rational.

            If Dogs are happy, they are usually healthy. If they feel depressed, they can easily feel sick. So it is important to keep them happy.

            Dogs are reliable coworkers, because they are loyal and trustworthy. Good career choices for Dogs are interior designer, politician, Judge, police men, college professor, and scientist.

            Even though most Dogs are trustworthy, they do not trust other people easily. You will need to show them that you are worthy of their trust. Dogs often have a hard time with romance, because they can be insecure and overly critical.



Chinese 12 Animal Signs & Relationship - Dog




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( Chinese 12 Animal Signs & Relationship - Dog )