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Best Time To Visit :
The best time to visit Thailand is from December to March, because the weather is at its finest in Thailand. The peak seasons are August, November, December, Febuary and March, with secondary peak months in January and More....


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Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility

    According to Chinese Astrology, Chinese astrology signs compatibility can be categorized into four groups. Although Chinese astrologists and scholars believe that each animal has its own characteristics, they also believe that the three group animals have identical thinking.


Action Oriented animals: Mouse, Dragon, Monkey

            Mouse, Dragon, and Monkey are positive thinking animals. They are also very competitive and action oriented. The three animals are complementary to each other. For instance, Dragon is courage, but the mouse is timid. Monkey needs the intelligence of the mouse. Dragon can understand the cunningness of monkey and the intelligence of the mouse.

Deep thinking Animals: Buffalo, Snake, Cock

            Buffalo, Snake, and Cock are conscious about achieving their goals. The Cock desires Snake’s alertness and the strength of the buffalo. On the other hands, the Buffalo needs the diplomacy of the Snake.

Freedom Animals: Tiger, Horse, Dog

            These animals love freedom. The Horse need the Dog’s transparency and Tiger’s excitement. Tiger admires continuous mobility of the Horse and the Dog’s loyalty.

Peace loving Animals: Rabbit, Goat, Pig

            Rabbit, Goat and pig are peace loving animals. These animals are not super intelligent or overzealous. They are very sensitive animals who seek love, sympathy, and consideration. For instance, Pig admires Rabbit’s crafty and Goat’s humility.

Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility




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( Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility )