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The best time to visit Thailand is from December to March, because the weather is at its finest in Thailand. The peak seasons are August, November, December, Febuary and March, with secondary peak months in January and More....


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Fortune Telling With Chinese Zodiac in 2007

    This year is the year of the Pig. Do you want to know your fortune telling with Chinese Zodiac in 2007? Check out your reading here.

Rat 2007:

            This year is a good year for the Rat. Many good things are waiting for the Rat this year. However, the Rat should watch out for your health, especially for flu and liver illness. You should expect a good upcoming opportunity. Don’t let it pass by.

Ox 2007:

            This year is a mixture of ups and downs for the Ox. Don’t trust anyone too much this year. Somebody might stab you in the back. Try to keep your calm and watch for your temper. Someone like a friend or family member will give you a helping hand this year.

Tiger 2007:

            This year will be a great year for the Tiger. Take risks. If you plan to buy a house or invest in business, this year is a good year for you. However, you should watch out for what you say. Some people may be jealous of your success. January, September, November, and December are the best month for you this year.

Rabbit 2007:

            The pig year may not be the best year for the Rabbit. You should take better care of yourself this year. Try to make friends without making a new enemies. Hold off on taking risks.

Dragon 2007:

            You should expect spectacular year for the Dragon. Your life will go smoothly this year, and everything that you do will be successful this year. This year you may find second source of income. Watch out for conflict and disputes. January, May, June, and December are your best month this year.

Snake 2007:

            This might be a hard year for the Snake. You need to watch out for conflicts and money in the investment. Try to be flexible with your decision. Watch you for someone who may stab you in the back.

Horse 2007:

            The pig year will be a vibrant year for the Horse. You will find love and romance this year. Furthermore, your careers are looking up for you. Don’t overwork too much though.

Sheep 2007:

            The lucky stars are shining on the Goat this year. Friends will help you out this year. Avoid making enemies. Watch out before you speak. Your best months are January, May, and August.

Monkey 2007:

             Monkeys will have their ups and downs this year. Monkeys should avoid conflict with their boss. Don’t make hasty decisions. Stay away from temptation with women.

Rooster 2007:

            This is a stable year for the Rooster. Don’t throw away money on expensive shopping. You have a great chance to find romance this year. Watch out for “Love at first Sight”

Dog 2007:

            Your career is on the rise. If you run into problems, Your friends and family will help you out. Watch out for unexpected income like a lottery jackpot. You might just get it.

Pig 2007:

            Even though this is the year of the Pig, it is a slow year for the Pigs. It is full of obstacles for them. Your best months are in June and December.


Fortune Telling With Chinese Zodiac in 2007





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