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Arranged Marriage In Thailand

Arranged Marriage In Thailand :

 Arranged marriages are relatively common in several parts of Asia including Thailand. Generally these traditional arranged marriages are carried out based More....

Loy Kratong Ceremony 
Loy Kratong Ceremony:

Loy Kratong is one of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand. Loy festival is also known as the Festival of Lights and is celebrated on a full moon night of twelfth lunar month each year; More....



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Answers Etiquette Questions In Temple of Thailand :

Sometime it is difficult to know how to behave in Thailand. Let's us help you answer etiquette questions in temple of Thailand .

As tourist one must be sensitive and respectful to the beliefs of others. This is also true when visiting the beautiful wats in Thailand. These temples are still being used as a place of worship by locals. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that people should be considerate and respectful.

The important part of temple etiquette in Thailand is to be dressed properly. Visitors should ensure that their shoulders and knees are covered. Short skirts are not at permitted within the temple compounds. Outside the temple compound, visitors can hire covering cloth if they are dressed to enter.

Shoes should be removed before entering a temple. One can walk in the compound wearing shoes but can not enter the temple with footwear. As a practice, visitors to the temples leave their footwear at the entrance.

While sitting in a temple ensure that you do not point your feet towards the altars or the Buddha statues.
Women visitors should take special note of this. Women are not allowed to touch monks. You should hand over anything to them directly. Always use an intermediary.

When the locals and the monks are conducting a prayer session, one should be considerate while taking photographs. Try to use tele-lenses.

These few tips will ensure that the next time you enter the wats of Thailand, you do the right thing without hurting the feeling and sentiments of the otherwise friendly Thai people.


Answers Etiquette Questions In Temple of Thailand




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