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Life Of A Temple Boy In Thailand

Life Of A Temple Boy In Thailand :
Generally people find temple boys in almost all the Buddhist temples. The boys serve the monks and receive food and the monks’ blessing in return. There are many responsibilities assigned to a temple boy. More....

Kathin Ceremony in Thailand 
Kathin Ceremony in Thailand:

As the monsoons in Thailand retreat, monks are free to move from place to place and are allowed to receive new robes in a presentation ceremony called Thot Kathin. Besides robes More....



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Learn Thai Culture To Date Thai Girl :

        Thousands of lonely foreigners visit Thailand every year with the objective of finding a life partner. Thailand has quite a number of cross-cultural families that are living happily within the country. The most plausible means of finding a decent Thai life partner is to spend a considerable period of time residing in Thailand. One must understand the Thai lifestyle, culture, language, traditions and customs for a better understanding and communication with the Thai life partner.


          People of Thailand are very sensitive, extremely polite and shy by nature. They get offended very easily. Hence understanding the behavioral concepts of Thai people becomes much more imperative in order to avoid insulting any Thai. In order to learn and understand Thai culture, there are several online books that can help in understanding the habits of the Thais. Respecting elders is considered as a highly admirable quality in the Thai society. Thai girls are very closely associated with their families. They will like only such men, who they trust will respect and care for their family equally. Kissing is a pretty new gesture of romance in Thailand. Thai girls usually prefer least intimacy and contact in public at the time of dating. It is an unwritten fact that any Thai girl interested in dating is very serious about the relationship.


         Thai women generally admire men who are caring, sensitive and responsible. Affection can be displayed by presenting small and inexpensive gifts occasionally or by inviting to make a merit at a local temple. Thai women prefer men who respect their individuality.  Thai women are naturally conservative and caring in nature and prefer men who genuinely love them. Expressing love is a vital part in dating a Thai woman.


Learn Thai Culture To Date Thai Girl





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