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Temple Boy In Thailand

Temple Boy In Thailand :

Generally people find temple boys in almost all the Buddhist temples. The boys serve the monks and receive food and the monks’ blessing in return. There are many responsibilities assigned to a temple boy. The day of a temple boy begins earlyMore....

Kathin Ceremony in Thailand :

As the monsoons in Thailand retreat, monks are free to move from place to place and are allowed to receive new robes in a presentation ceremony called Thot Kathin. Besides robes, kitchen equipment, financial contribution, lMore....



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Thai Culture And Customs Resource :

    The country that was formerly known as Siam is known for its rich and long history. Thailand is one of the few countries in the world where modern times has not had any effect on its traditions and culture. Culture Of Thailand has traditionally be handed down from one generation to the next.

     The source of Thai culture and customs are deeply rooted in Buddhist religion, crafts, martial arts and beautiful clothing. Along with this there is the inspiring music with wonderful and exotic Thai dances.

      Once can really experience Thai culture by witnessing the Thai classical dance performances. These dances are generally performed by beautiful and elegant Thai ladies wearing exotic and beautifully sewn local Thai costumes. These dance performances are popular not only with tourists but also with the local populace. Many hotels and resorts offer Thai culture dance shows for their foreign visitors as a part of the evening entertainment.

Wai, the Thai greeting, is considered as the greatest aspect of Thai culture. Wai is when a person joins both hands to either head or chest level while bending the head slightly towards the hands. This is the way of greeting and is especially done when a younger person greets an older person. It is a sign of respect.

For those visiting Bangkok, experiencing the Thai culture can be a unique experience as modern times and traditions have blended together to create an atmosphere which can not be replicated. Bangkok offers a package of Thai culture which showcases it through museums, beautiful Buddhist temples and ancient Thai architecture.

To experience the true blend of western and eastern civilizations, Thailand is a place to visit where both cultures are comfortably accommodated and of course the Thai hospitality makes all the difference.


Thai Culture And Customs Source - Culture Of Thailand




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