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Temple Boy In Thailand

Temple Boy In Thailand :

Generally people find temple boys in almost all the Buddhist temples. The boys serve the monks and receive food and the monks’ blessing in return. There are many responsibilities assigned to a temple boy. The day of a temple boy begins earlyMore....


Kathin Ceremony in Thailand :

As the monsoons in Thailand retreat, monks are free to move from place to place and are allowed to receive new robes in a presentation ceremony called Thot Kathin. Besides robes, kitchen equipment, financial contribution, lMore....



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What Form Of Currency Is Used In Thailand:

“Baht” is the currency of Thailand. The smallest unit of Thai currency is called, “Satang”. One hundred Satang makes up to be one Bath. Coin for Satang come in five denomination(25 Satang coin, 50 Satang coin, 1 bath coin, 5 bath coin, and 10 bath coin) . Satang coins are made of brass. Today the value of Satang is very small. You can not buy anything with Satang anymore, and you can hardly ever see them in real life. Baht coins are silver, and the ten bath coins have silver ring around the brass center.

Bills also have five denomination. ( 20 Baht, 50 Baht, 100 Baht, 500 Baht, and 1000 Baht ). The size of bills gets bigger with its value. Twenty Baht Bills are made with green paper, and it is the smallest of all bills. Fifty Baht bills are made in blue. One hundred Baht bills are made in red. Five hundred Baht bills are made in purple. Thousand Baht bills are made in white, and it is the biggest of all bills.
All coins and bills must have the image of his Majesty the King of Thailand. It is a gesture of respect that Thai people show toward their beloved king.


What Form of Currency Is Used in Thailand




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