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Buddhism In Thailand :
The Thai are highly religious people. Most Thais are Buddhist and as a result Buddhism plays a predominant role in their lives. There are two sets of Buddhist monks in Thailand, More....

Royal Ploughing Ceremony 
Royal Ploughing Ceremony:
 The Royal Ploughing Ceremony is the annual ploughing ceremony which is celebrated every year during the month of May and is presided over by the King of Thailand. The ceremony has been performed since ancient times and is designed to give an auspicious More....



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Artist Wall Mural Paintings Of Thailand

      Thai paintings are typically Asian and they were initially seen only in the temples or used for decorating palaces or they were seen in illustrations of a book. The figures in traditional paintings were small or large based on their importance. The figures were drawn two dimensionally and the space was given a neutral shade. Murals painting were further developed to enhance the walls with religious and royal images and objects. 

       The painters only had five types of color pigments and they were yellow ochre, pipe clay white, ultra-marine blue, scarlet and black. With the help of these colors, the painters made all other colors by mixing them and binding them with glue. They made beautiful murals, book illustrations and banners on the cloth.

        The old murals that survived are made with natural pigments and earth colors. There are depiction of Jataka stories, Buddha’s life, Gods, heaven and hell and also conventional Thai life. Bangkok’s Wat Suthat has some good murals which are worth seeing. Thon Buri's Wat Suwannaram has some fine murals too.

        Later the pigments were imported from China and the colors were brighter and richer. In the middle of 19th century, chemical pigments were introduced and the paintings were transformed from subdued color to vibrant colors.

         Painters also started to adapt their techniques and styles to the west but continued to maintained their traditional values and presented significant paintings. Chakrapan Posayakrit was one of the great artists who was famous for painting portraits. However, he also painted sceneries and characters which showed a fine fusion of modern and traditional paintings.

Artist Wall Mural Paintings Of Thailand




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