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Hotel Reservations In Phuket

Hotel Reservations In Phuket :
    Phuket is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. Each year thousands of people go to spend their holidays on the palm-lined breath-taking beaches of this island where spectacular tropical sunsets and stunning scenery awaits.More....


Hotel Reservations In Pattaya 

Hotel Reservations In Pattaya :
    Pattaya is located 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok on the Thai Gulf. It is one of Asia’s premier beach resorts catering to families, couples and singles.  More....



Discount Hotel Reservations Tips In Thailand 

    Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.


      This beautiful country is renowned for its pristine forests, hill tribes, white sandy beaches, breath-taking Buddhist temples, and numerous canals and rivers. One cannot forget the hospitality of the Thai people, who are always ready to smile and welcome people.

      Thailand is a blend of diverse cultures and lifestyles and the country draws more visitors than any other country in Southeast Asia. People are constantly looking for discount hotel reservations in Thailand to enjoy the fascinating cultural contrasts and facilities which make the country a leading destination for both business and pleasure.

      Here are some discount hotel reservation tips in Thailand, which will definitely end up making your holiday a lot cheaper and affordable.

  • The best time to avail discounts in hotels is during the off season period. Usually hotels are expensive during peak tourist months of February, March, August, November, and December. You will definitely be able to enjoy all what Thailand has to offer and get good discounts during April, May, June, September and October. During these months, hotels tend to give guests steep discounts.
  • Make your hotel reservation the moment you have decided on your travel plans. Usually hotels give limited amount of the cheapest rates for a particular date and they go very quickly because everyone wants to avail them.
  • Do not forget to enquire about weekly rates or weekend specials. You will definitely get a discount if you stay in the same hotel for an entire week.
  • Book suites as they are cheaper than booking two separate rooms.
  • If possible do your hotel reservations in Thailand through a consolidator. Consolidators usually block large number of rooms and they tend to pass on the discount to each hotel guest who books through them.
  • The Internet is a good resource to find websites of hotels, who tend to offer lower rates than travel agents if booking is done directly through the hotel.
  • Book your trip to Thailand as a package which includes the stay and travel. This will always work out much cheaper than booking the hotel and ticket separately.


      You need to employ every trick in the bag to get the best rate on hotels. You need to check online: it's good to check with several online agencies - Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity. You need to check aggregator site such as Sitessidestep, Mobissimo and Kayak. You should also check with the travel agent, and finally the best thing to do is to call the hotel directly and ask if there are any specials or deals. Make sure you talk about whether you can offer AAA, or an autoclub membership - an AARP if you're a member of AARP. If you're traveling on business, ask for the hotel's corporate rate. You need to check all of those to make sure you get your best deal on a hotel room.

Discount Hotel Reservations Tips In Thailand





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