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About 20th century Thai literature :
      Thai Literature has an extensive history and culture. Thai literature has always been influenced by Indian literature. The national epic of Thailand is Ramakien, which is a Thai adaptation of Indian Ramayana. All the kings of Chakri Dynasty have been eminent writers and poets. Thai literature greatly flourished under the patronage of these kings.More....

Type Of Thai Poetry :
      Poetry in Thailand is thought to have appeared during the Sukhothai period. There are many Types of Thai Poetry. Classical Thai poetry can be divided principally into five types: Khloong, Chan, Kaap, Kloon and Raay. Every type has a distinct style and a definite rhythm. Khloong and Raay are believed to be the original Thai forms of poetry, while the remaining are adapted versions. More....



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Thai Alphabet in Letters:

      Old Khmer is the origin of Thai alphabet. It was originally created by King Ramkhamhaeng the Great in 1283. Thai language uses Thai alphabet to write in its language. Thai has forty consonants, four tone, and twenty eight vowel forms. Thai is written from left to right horizontally. Unlike English, the vowels can be above, below, left, and right of the consonant. Thai language usually has no space between words. The end of English sentence is marked by a period. In Thai, however, the end of each sentence is marked by space.  

     The Royal Thai institute defines the standard for Thai Alphabet Romanization as shown in the table below. The system is call, “Royal Thai General System of Transcription”(RTGS). The government uses this system for its publication and road maps. However, in daily practice, a variety of Romanization are used. Many media use different systems. As a result, it is quite difficult to know how to pronounce a word. An equivalent from the International Phonetic Alphabet is written on the table as well for more detail information.

Symbol Name Royal Thai IPA Class
    Initial Final Initial Final Class
ko kai (chicken) k k k k M
kho khai (egg) kh k k H
kho khuat (bottle) [obsolete] kh k k H
kho khwai (water buffalo) kh k k L
kho khon (person) [obsolete] kh k k L
kho ra-khang (bell) kh k k L
ngo ngu (snake) ng ng ŋ ŋ L
cho chan (plate) ch t t M
cho ching (cymbals) ch - tɕʰ - H
cho chang (elephant) ch t tɕʰ t L
so so (chain) s t s t L
cho choe (bush) ch - tɕʰ - L
yo ying (woman) y n j n L
do cha-da (headdress) d t d t M
to pa-tak (goad) t t t t M
tho san-than (base) th t t H
tho nangmon-tho (dancer) th t t L
tho phu-thao (old person) th t t L
no nen (novice monk) n n n n L
do dek (child) d t d t M
to tao (turtle) t t t t M
tho thung (sack) th t t H
tho thahan (soldier) th t t L
tho thong (flag) th t t L
no nu (mouse) n n n n L
bo baimai (leaf) b p b p M
po plaa (fish) p p p p M
pho phueng (bee) ph - - H
fo fa (lid) f - f - H
pho phan (tray) ph p p L
fo fan (teeth) f p f p L
pho sam-phao (sailboat) ph p p L
mo ma (horse) m m m m L
yo yak (ogre) y y j j L
ro ruea (boat) r n r n L
ro rue (short) * rue - - -
ฤๅ ro rue (long) * rue - rɯː - -
lo ling (monkey) l n l n L
lo lue (short) * lue - - -
ฦๅ lo lue (long) * lue - lɯː - -
wo waen (ring) w w w w L
so sala (pavilion) s t s t H
so rue-si (hermit) s t s t H
so suea (tiger) s t s t H
ho hip (chest) h - h - H
lo chu-la (kite) l n l n L
o ang (basin) ** - ʔ - M
ho nok-huk (owl) h - h - L

Simple Thai Convesation :


Thai Alphabet in Letters




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