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About 20th century Thai literature :
      Thai Literature has an extensive history and culture. Thai literature has always been influenced by Indian literature. The national epic of Thailand is Ramakien, which is a Thai adaptation of Indian Ramayana. All the kings of Chakri Dynasty have been eminent writers and poets. Thai literature greatly flourished under the patronage of these kings.More....

Type Of Thai Poetry :
      Poetry in Thailand is thought to have appeared during the Sukhothai period. There are many Types of Thai Poetry. Classical Thai poetry can be divided principally into five types: Khloong, Chan, Kaap, Kloon and Raay. Every type has a distinct style and a definite rhythm. Khloong and Raay are believed to be the original Thai forms of poetry, while the remaining are adapted versions. More....



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Thai Lesson Plans Dialogue:


     If you are just beginning to learn Thai, it is wise to try to remember common expression that Thai people are using everyday. It will help you get around in Thailand. Because you will be likely to hear these expressions all the time in Thailand, I advise that you should try to learn it by heart. Click on the sound icon to hear the proper Thai pronunciation. You should try to imitate the sound as much as possible. So you can be understood by a Thai. Even if you can not say it correctly, do not feel discourage. Thai people are very nice and friendly. They will be pleased to see that you are trying to speak their language, and they will be very happy to help teaching their language. Just Remember. The only way that you can get good at a language is to keep practicing it over and over.

Where is the rest room?
SHawng Nahm Yoo Tee Nai
khaw tote
Thank You
khawp Khoon

Simple Thai Convesation :

Thai Lesson Plans Dialogue




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