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About 20th century Thai literature :
      Thai Literature has an extensive history and culture. Thai literature has always been influenced by Indian literature. The national epic of Thailand is Ramakien, which is a Thai adaptation of Indian Ramayana. All the kings of Chakri Dynasty have been eminent writers and poets. Thai literature greatly flourished under the patronage of these kings.More....

Type Of Thai Poetry :
      Poetry in Thailand is thought to have appeared during the Sukhothai period. There are many Types of Thai Poetry. Classical Thai poetry can be divided principally into five types: Khloong, Chan, Kaap, Kloon and Raay. Every type has a distinct style and a definite rhythm. Khloong and Raay are believed to be the original Thai forms of poetry, while the remaining are adapted versions. More....



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Start Learning Thai Conversation From Music, Radio, Friend :

           Practice make perfect. The only way that you can learn any language is practicing. It is also true, if you want to learn Thai. If you really want to be on a fast track, you should move to Thailand for a year to learn Thai in Thailand. By using Thai in Thailand everyday, you will learn it very fast from daily speaking, listening, and writing.

            However, if you can not move to Thailand for a year, Do not feel despair. You can still learn Thai from listening to Music, Radio, and speaking to Thai friend. No matter where you live. You can access Thai music, radio, and speaking to Thai friend easily these days by using internet. Many of Thai radio stations are broadcasting on the web now 24/7. Just do google search on “Thai radio. You will find that there are at least forty Thai radio stations.

            If you like music, there are many free Thai songs that you can download on the web. It is very easy to find Thai songs and mp3 on the internet, because Thai copyright laws are very weak. If you download Thai songs to learn Thai, it is unlikely that Thai FBI will come after you.

            If you want to make Thai friends to learn Thai, you can easily find them from MSN, AIM, MYSPACE…etc. Many Thai are using chat room, and they probably will want to be your friend.

Simple Thai Convesation :


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