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Nakhon Sawan Province :   

            Considered as the doorway of the north, Nakhon Sawan is an ancient city located in the north-central part of Thailand. This region has a rich cultural history and is also known as Pak Nam Pho. Due to its pristine natural beauty, the land is considered as the heavenly abode of Gods. Nakhon Sawan Province is the point where Ping, Wang, Nan and Yom rivers join together to form Chao Phraya River, the most important waterway of Thailand.

          There are several tourist hot spots spread over the entire region. Prominent among these are Khao No-Khao Kaeo, a limestone mountain and Khao Tham Phra. These mountains have large ancient Buddhist caves, stalactites and stalagmites. Wat Bang Mafo, Wat Tham Phon Sawan and Chao Pho Thepharak-Chao Mae Thapthim are some of the valuable ancient temples and shrines of the region. Chan Sen and Khok Mai Den are some of the ancient cities, which represent the rich heritage of this region. The best tourist destination is the origin of Chao Phraya River. It is fascinating to watch the reddish colored Nan River meeting the greenish colored Ping River. Boat rides are available to enable the tourists to view the enchanting scenery on both the banks. More...

Nakhon Sawan Demographic Information :
Capital: Nakhon Sawan city
Area: 9,597.7 km²
Ranked 20th
Inhabitants: 1,090,379 (2000)
Ranked 15th
Pop. density: 114 inh./km²
Ranked 42nd
ISO 3166-2: TH-60
Governor: Kawi Kittisathaphon
(since October 2007)





Nakhon Sawan Tourist Attractions:

  • Bung Boraphet
  • Wat Woranat Banphot or Wat Khao Kop
  • Utthayan Sawan
  • Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot
  • Wat Si Sawan Sangkharam
  • Chao Pho Shrine
  • Chao Pho Thepharak Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine
  • The origin of the Chao Phraya River
  • Wat Kriang Krai Klang
  • Tham Bo Ya
  • Nakhon Sawan Provincial Cultural Building
  • Wat Tham Phon Sawan
  • Wat Bang Mafo
  • Khao Tham Phra
  • Khok Mai Den Ancient City
  • The View Point
  • Bon Kaeo Hin
  • Mokochu Peak
  • Kaemng Lan Nok Yung



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