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Narathiwat Province:

          Narathiwat province is a southern province in Thailand bordering Malaysia. It is one of the four provinces of Thailand with a Muslim majority. In Narathiwat, there are 82 percent Muslims while the Buddhist population is just 17.9 percent. Majority of the people in Narathiwat province speak Patani Malay language. The province is divided into 13 districts which are further subdivided into 77 communes and 551 villages.

          In the district of Sungai Kolok is an important railway junction where the Thai Southern railroad connected to Malaysian railway and leads to Tumpad Station in Malaysia. Narathiwat is popular for its gold mines and has a large expanse of peat swamp forests besides beautiful beach resorts along the coast of the Indian Ocean. More...

Narathiwat Demographic Data :

Capital: Narathiwat
Area: 4,475.0 km²
Ranked 50th
Inhabitants: 662,350 (2000)
Ranked 36th
Pop. density: 148 inh./km²
Ranked 24th
ISO 3166-2: TH-96
Governor: Karan Supphakitwilekhakan
(since November 2004)



Narathiwat Tourist Attractions:

  • Ban Thon Fishing Village
  • Kubu Beach
  • Taba Checkpoint
  • Ban Yakang Community
  • Narathat Beach
  • New Central Mosque
  • Ao Manao Beach
  • 300 years Mosque
  • Phikun Thong Development Study Center
  • Ko Yao Island
  • Sirindhorn Peat Swamp Forest Nature Research
  • Budo Su Ngai Mountain Rage
  • Luang Pho Daeng Temple
  • Sirindhorn Waterfall
  • Chat Warin Waterfall
  • Hala Bala Wildlife Reserve


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