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Nong Khai Province:


          Nong Khai is a peaceful and serene region situated within the Mae Nam Kong valley. Dwelling on the banks of Mekong River, this northeastern Thai province is located on the borders of Thailand and Laos. Nong Khai is just 25 kilometers away from the Laotian capital, Vientiane, and is a prime market for the trade and transport of Lao and Thai goods.

          There are numerous destinations available for the tourists to visit. The most monumental of them is the Thai-Lao Friendship bridge built on the Mekong River. Constructed in 1994, this bridge commemorates the alliance between Thailand, Laos and Australia. Another beautiful place to visit is the Phu Wua Wildlife Reserve. Most part of this wildlife sanctuary is covered with deciduous dipterocarp and dry evergreen and moist evergreen dense forests. This park is known for its breathtaking waterfalls and cascades such as Namtok Tham Fun, Namtok Chet Si, Namtok Phu Tham Phra and Namtok Chanaen. Adventure lovers can opt for jungle trekking, camping, rock climbing and swimming near the waterfalls. More...

Nong Khai Demographic Data :

Capital: Nong Khai city
Area: 7,332.3 km²
Ranked 27th
Inhabitants: 883,704 (2000)
Ranked 22nd
Pop. density: 121 inh./km²
Ranked 37th
ISO 3166-2: TH-43
Governor: Chadet Musikwong
(since April 2007)



Nong Khai Tourist Attractions:

  • Pho Chai Temple
  • Prap Ho Monument
  • Tha Sadet Market
  • Sala Kaeo Ku
  • Chom Mani Beach
  • Thai - Lao Friendship Bride
  • LuangPho Phrachao Ong Tue
  • Freshwater Fishery Village
  • Krayo Pastry making Village
  • Hin Mak Peng Temple
  • Than Thong Waterfall
  • Than Thip Waterfall
  • Nong Khai Horicultural Research Centre
  • Phu Thok
  • Sawang Arom Temple
  • Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chanaen Waterfall
  • Phu Tham Phra Waterfall


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