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Pathum Thani Province:

           Widely acclaimed as the educational and technology hub of Thailand, Pathum Thani Province is located on the low alluvial plains of Chao Phraya River. This region is located on the northern side of Bangkok. Quite a number of universities, research agencies and industrial parks are spread over the entire region. Besides this, Pathum Thani is also a historical place containing plenty of canals and orange plantations.

          The National Science Museum Located on Klong canal is most popular destination in Pathum Thani. Muai Thai Institute established by the World Muai Thai Council aims to promote Thai folk arts of self-defense. For those who are interested in recreational activities, Dream World is the most sought destination. It is a large amusement park that has a European style plaza, miniature land of major world legends, and offer exciting rides, shows and games.More...

Pathum Thani Demographic Data :

Capital: Pathum Thani town
Area: 1,525.9 km²
Ranked 69th
Inhabitants: 853,649 (2006)
Ranked 25th
Pop. density: 527 inh./km²
Ranked 7th
ISO 3166-2: TH-13
Governor: Mekhin Methawikun
(since November 2006)



Pathum Thani Tourist Attractions:

  • The Old Building of Pathum Thani City Hall
  • City Pillar Shrine
  • Wat Bot
  • Boat Libraray
  • Wat Hong Pathummawat
  • Wat Chang
  • Wat Khok
  • Nam Won Temple
  • Sing Temple
  • Chetawong Temple


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