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Sakon Nakhon Province:

        Located near the Phu Phan Mountains, Sakon Nakhon is a dream destination for tourists. Situated 647 kilometers from Bangkok, this province is located inside the Khorat Plateau and is famous for its forest temple retreats.

          The main tourist attractions in Sakon Nakhon include the sacred Phra That Choeng Chum that houses the holy Luang Pho Ong Saen. Another important location is the large Nong Han freshwater Lake. Waters of this lake are a major source of agriculture and fishing. Sakon Nakhon region contains two national parks that include the Phu Phan National Park and Huai Huat National Park. Both the parks are noted for their splendid beauty, amazing waterfalls, caves with prehistoric drawings and rock plateaus covered with flowers.

          Sakon Nakhon has numerous ancient temples and shrines located amidst beautiful jungles. Monks primarily use these as their meditation centers. Prominent ones are Wat Kham Pramong, Wat Tham Kham and Phra That Dum. More...

Sakon Nakhon Demographic Data :

Capital: Sakon Nakhon
Area: 9,605.8 km²
Ranked 19th
Inhabitants: 1,040,766 (2000)
Ranked 17th
Pop. density: 108 inh./km²
Ranked 43rd
ISO 3166-2: TH-47
Governor: Phairat Sakonphan
(since October 2007)



Sakon Nakhon Tourist Attractions:

  • The 60 th anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen Park
  • Freshwater Fish Aquarium
  • Phra That Cherng Chum Stupa
  • Nong Harn Farm
  • Somdej Phra Srinagarinda Park
  • Phra That Dum
  • The museum of Archan Man Purithattha Thera
  • Sapan Hin Bridge
  • Seree Thai Cave
  • Phra Tha Phu Pek Ruins
  • Pha Savoey Cliff
  • Huay Yai Waterfall
  • Phu Phan Mountain Range
  • Thang Pi Pan Stone Arch
  • 3,000 Years of cliff carving at Phu Pha Yon
  • Phu Thai Etnic group at None Hom


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