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Samut Sakhon Province:

          Samut Sakhon, also called Mahachai, is situated at the mouth of Tha Chin Klong River merging into the Gulf of Thailand. This province was formerly a cargo port where Chinese junks used to arrive. Samut Sakhon is 30 kilometers away from Bangkok and is present in the central part of Thailand.

          The most sought out tourist destination in Samut Sakhon Province is the Pom Wichianchodok, an ancient fortress that symbolizes the history of the province. Apart from these, this province is home for Thailand’s biggest Sea Food Market, called Mahachai Market. The region also contains various Buddhist shrines and temples. Brine salt is largely produced in Samut Sakhon. Visitors can have a glimpse of brine salt farms that stretch over vast areas along the border with Samut Songkhram.More...

Samut Sakhon Demographic Data :

Capital: Samut Sakhon town
Area: 872.3 km²
Ranked 72nd
Inhabitants: 466.281 (2000)
Ranked 53rd
Pop. density: 535 inh./km²
Ranked 4th
ISO 3166-2: TH-74



Samut Sakhon Tourist Attractions:

  • Samut Sakhon Science Centre for Education
  • Wat Khok Kham
  • Phanthai Norasing Shrine
  • Pom Wichian Chodok
  • The City Pillar Shrine
  • Talat Maha Chai
  • Saphan Pla
  • Wat Bang Pla
  • Shrimp Farms And Salt Fields
  • Nang Sao Temple
  • Plong Liam


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