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Sing Buri Province:

            Located at a distance of 142 kilometers north of Bangkok, Sing Buri is a very old and historical province. This province is on the western bank of Chao Phraya River and has a significant place in early Thai history. Buri National Museum is the most prominent tourist destination. This museum is located inside the Wat Bot temple and houses several ancient artifacts and remnants that illustrate the early Thai history.

          There are several Buddhist temples and shrines built during the Ayutthaya Period. Inside Wat Phikun Thong resides Thailand’s biggest Buddha image in a sitting posture. Wat Na Phrathat, Wat Phra Non Chaksi and Wat Sawang Arom are the other popular ones. The images of Lord Buddha in these temples are highly respected and worshipped by local people. Another important destination in Sing Buri is the monument of Bang Rachan Heroes. Sing Buri Fish Eating and Red Cross Fair, and Traditional Boat Racing contests on Chao Phraya River are some of the entertaining festivals of this region. More...

Sing Buri Demographic Data :

Capital: Sing Buri town
Area: 822.5 km²
Ranked 73rd
Inhabitants: 232.766 (2000)
Ranked 72nd
Pop. density: 283 inh./km²
Ranked 11th
ISO 3166-2: TH-17
Governor: Praphat Bunyindi
(since November 2006)



Sing Buri Tourist Attractions:

  • The Provincial Court and City Hall of Sing Buri
  • Wat Sawang Arom
  • Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi Worawihan
  • Wat Na Phrathat
  • Wat Prachotikaram
  • Wat Kradangnga Buppharam
  • Wat Kudi Thong
  • Burmese Mounds and Camp
  • Wat Phra Prang Muni
  • Wat Phikun Thong
  • Heros Of Khai Rachan Monument and Khai Bang Rachan park
  • Pho Kao Ton Temple
  • Noi Kiln Site River
  • Mae La Macha Rachuson Park


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