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Udon Thani Province:

          Located in the heart of Khorat Plateau, Udon Thani Province is an ancient pre-historical province famous for its archaeological marvels. Udon Thani was a strategically important location during the Vietnam War. It served as an American airbase. Apart from its prehistoric sites, Udon Thani is known for beautiful Phu Phan mountain ranges, dense forests and fertile rice fields. This region has been the commercial, industrial and agricultural center in the Northeast.

          Archaeological excavations have revealed that around 5,000 years ago, the first Bronze Age Civilization prospered in the Ban Chiang village of Udon Thani. Because of its great cultural and pre-historical importance, this province has been declared a United Nations World Heritage site. Several artifacts and relics have been unearthed and preserved in the Ban Chiang National Museum. More...

Udon Thani Demographic Data :

Capital: Udon Thani
Area: 11,730.3 km²
Ranked 11th
Inhabitants: 1,467,158 (2000)
Ranked 8th
Pop. density: 125 inh./km²
Ranked 32nd
ISO 3166-2: TH-41
Governor: Suphot Laowansiri
(since April 2007)



Udon Thani Tourist Attractions:

  • Caves and Stone Shelters
  • Huai Luang Reservoir
  • Thipphayaratnimit Temple
  • Pa Ban Tat Temple
  • Yung Thong Waterfall
  • Udorn Sunshrine Orchid Farm
  • Phothisomphon Temple
  • Matchimawat Temple
  • Nong Prachaksinlapakhom Public park
  • The Monument of Krommaluang Prachaksinlapakhom
  • Na yung Nam Som National Park
  • Pha Daeng Viewpoint
  • Ban Chiang National Museum
  • Kham Chanot Sacred Place


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