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Uthai Thani Province:

                    Uthai Thani is a tourist destination, still unaffected by the modern civilization. Situated on the banks of Sakae Krang River, this is the most fertile region of Thailand and it is famous for its lush green forests, high mountains, rare and endangered wildlife species, vast plains and streams. People in this region still continue to follow the ancient customs and traditions.

          Uthai Thani Province is a divine place blessed with diversified natural surroundings.  It has glorious waterfalls like Namtok Pha Rom Yen; hot sulphur springs at Ban Samo Thong, prehistoric caves with colorful drawings in Khao Pla Ra, deep valleys, steep terrains, high cliffs and limestone mountains. There are several ancient Buddhist temples and shrines in this region including Wat Ubosatharam, Wat Khao Wong, Wat Thammakhosok and Wat Tha Sung. The beautiful murals and interiors inside the temples are a glimpse of exquisite craftsmanship. More...

Uthai Thani Demographic Data :

Capital: Uthai Thani town
Area: 6,730.2 km²
Ranked 30th
Inhabitants: 304,122 (2000)
Ranked 66th
Pop. density: 45 inh./km²
Ranked 72nd
ISO 3166-2: TH-61
Governor: Udom Phuasakun
(since November 2006)



Uthai Thani Tourist Attractions:

  • Ubosatharam Temple
  • Sankat Rattana Khiri Temple
  • Nam Temple
  • Rafts On Sakae Krang River
  • Local History And Cultural Museum
  • Thap Than Temple
  • Prehistoric colour drawing at Khao Pla Ra
  • Tham Hup P Tat
  • Ban Samo Thong Hot Spring
  • Cyber Waterfall
  • Lan Sak Amphoe
  • Pha Rom Waterfall



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