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Uttaradit Province:

          Uttaradit Province is an ancient pre-historical region located in the lower northern part of Thailand. Located on the right bank of Nan River, this region was once a prosperous port town for shipping merchandise.

          The principal tourist destination in Uttaradit Province is Namtok Mae Phun waterfall. Water dropping from multiple cascades amid pristine natural surroundings is a treat to watch. Uttaradit consists of numerous ancient temples and shrines including Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang, Wat Phra Thaen Sila At, Wat Phra Yun Phutthabat Yukhon, Wat Klang and Wat Thamma Thipatai. The interiors and murals in these temples are beautifully carved and decorated with ancient tales. More...

Uttaradit Demographic Data :

Capital: Uttaradit town
Area: 7,838.6 km²
Ranked 25th
Inhabitants: 464,474 (2000)
Ranked 54th
Pop. density: 59 inh./km²
Ranked 68th
ISO 3166-2: TH-53
Governor: Thawatchai Fak-angkun
(since October 2007)


Uttaradit Tourist Attractions:

  • Sak Yai National Forest
  • Klong Tron National Park
  • Pooh Meaing National Park
  • Chan Cave
  • Tao Cave
  • Puh Soi Dao National Park
  • Puh Soi Dao Waterfall
  • Yai Tha Sao Temple
  • Tha Thanon Temple
  • Klang Temple
  • The Phra Si Phanommat Memorial
  • Phra Borom That Thung Yang Temple
  • Bo Lek Nam Phi
  • Lamnam Nan National Park
  • Sirikit Dam


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