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Yasothon Province:

          Located on the northeastern part of Thailand, Yasothon Province is a small and traditional region famous for its Rocket Festival. This province has around 1,200 year old history dating back to Khmer period.

          There are numerous ancient and sacred temples and shrines in this region that provide a glimpse about the history of this province. The most important of these is the Wat Maha That. Built is Laotian style of architecture, this temple contains remnants of ancient Ayutthaya period. It is known for its beautiful woodcarvings on the doors, designs on the walls and exquisite sculptures.

          The wonderful beach on the banks Chi River is a popular holiday spot for tourists to relax and have their evening meal. One the most remarkable place to visit is the Phu Tham Thra. Surrounded by dense forests, this is a deep cave containing multiple Buddha Images. More...

Yasothon Demographic Data :

Capital: Yasothon
Area: 4,161.7 km²
Ranked 54th
Inhabitants: 561,430 (2000)
Ranked 44th
Pop. density: 135 inh./km²
Ranked 29th
ISO 3166-2: TH-35
Governor: Wirawit Wiwatwanit
(since November 2006)



Yasothon Tourist Attractions:

  • Library for Buddhist Scriptures
  • Phaya Tan Park
  • Maha That Temple
  • Phrat That Yasothon
  • Ban Thung Nang Oak
  • Pagodas Containing soil from holy sites of Buddhism
  • Ban Na Samai
  • The Old Building of Ban Singha Tha
  • Ban Song Puey Archeological Site
  • Big Buddha Image
  • Library of Sra Trinurak Temple
  • Song Yae Catholic Chruch
  • Ku Chan Ancient Pagoda


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