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Thai Martial Art :

            Muaythai (มวยไทย) is Thai name for Thai kickboxing. Muaythai is not only practiced in Thailand, but many Southeast Asian Countries like Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodian also practice it as well. Muaythai is also known as Art of the eight Limbs or  Thai boxing.

            Traditional Muay Thai was different from what is practiced today in western boxing ring. The Science of Eight Limbs of traditional Muay Thai is referred to hands, shins, elbows, and knees. Muay Thai master can strike by using eight points of contact to his opponents. Muay Thai is known for being brutal, straightforward, versatile martial art. Nevertheless, it is also full of very effective weapons such as Muay Thai Clinch Techniques . Some of traditional Muay Thai move are also very beautiful and artistic.

            Pre-fight Rituals are considered very important for Muay Thai. Before entering  the ring, the fighters must perform the rituals. The fighters usually perform repetitive movement such as kneel before the ring, touching the ropes 3 times, etc. Once in the arena, the boxers will go to the center of the ring and bow to each side. Then the fighters will begin Wai Kru ritual. The fighter will dance around the arena counter-clockwise. Wai Kru ritual suppose to express devotion to the King and the boxer’s mentor. The ritual also gives the boxer a chance to warm up and focus his concentration.


Muay Thai : Ultimate Thai Martial Art




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