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Should I bring my car to Thailand?

Should I bring my car to Thailand ?:
   Having a reliable transportation is important in any country. Now that you decide to relocate to Thailand. The question is “Should you bring your car, if you have one back home?”More....

Making Friend In Thailand 
Making Friends In Thailand:
  Well, now that you've decided to make the big move over to Thailand, you're going to need some friends to go along with it. There's a lot that goes into making such a giant geographical jump. There's the stress of selling the old clunker, the expense of getting your entire Italian shoe collection from your tiny closet into your new spot in Thailand, and even getting your shampoo past airport security can prove a pickle nowadays.  More....



Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand

     Thailand has an excellent record on employment rate with under 2% of the population unemployed. There are many great job opportunities for foreigners in Thailand.

Teaching Jobs:

            Thailand has great demands for teachers. The majority of working foreigners are teaching English in Thailand. Minimum requirement for teaching English is a bachelors’ degree in Linguistics or English.  Although you may still be able to get a teaching position without a degree, the pay is usually not very good. In fact, most teaching position in Thailand is not usually well paid, even if you are a native speaker with exceptional teaching record.

Computer And IT Jobs:

            Programmers, Web designers, and IT professional are in demand in Thailand. Especially, if you have some experience in the field, it is probably not to hard to get a job in this industry.

Engineering Jobs:

            Foreigners are not permitted to get a Civil Engineering position, but there are a fair number of available positions for specialized engineers in Thailand.

Culinary Jobs:

            Many four star hotels are looking to hire foreign cooks with a very high salary by Thai standards.

Music and Entertainment Jobs:

            Music and Entertainment industries are tough to break into in any country, including Thailand. Although there are a fair number of musicians and English speaking DJs in Thailand, the available positions are not very high.

Prohibited Jobs:
            Foreigners are not permitted to work as laborers, cultural Thai handicrafts, and agricultural fields.

Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand




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