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Should I bring my car to Thailand?

Should I bring my car to Thailand ?:
   Having a reliable transportation is important in any country. Now that you decide to relocate to Thailand. The question is “Should you bring your car, if you have one back home?”More....

Making Friend In Thailand 
Making Friends In Thailand:
  Well, now that you've decided to make the big move over to Thailand, you're going to need some friends to go along with it. There's a lot that goes into making such a giant geographical jump. There's the stress of selling the old clunker, the expense of getting your entire Italian shoe collection from your tiny closet into your new spot in Thailand, and even getting your shampoo past airport security can prove a pickle nowadays.  More....



Thailand Car Rental Tips

    Car rental is available in most cities and major towns in Thailand. Average cost for car rental may vary from US $ 25 – 45 per day, depending on where you rent it.

            The cost of renting a minivan is usually around US$50-70. International car rental companies generally charge a bit more. Many companies also offer driver for the price of US$ 10- 12 per days. Follow these tips to get the best car rental deal.

Understanding Your Rental Agreements:
For your own protection, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of your rental. Ask your agent about restrictions, late penalties, weekend special, and case of emergency breakdown. Make sure that they put all of the agreements on your itinerary.

Figure Out True Cost Of Car Rentals: Watch out for car rental hidden costs and extra charges like insurance, gasoline bills, and drop-off charges. They can add up to be expensive. If you are not unsure about the cost, ask for the total pricing.

Always Shop Around And Ask For Discount Deals: Believe it or not, many car rental companies will just give you a cheaper rate, if you just ask. Especially, if you can quote their competitor’s rates, you may even find a better deal. It pays to do your homework.

Always Ask For Smaller Car: Many rental companies often offer free upgrade. Airport fleets are often stocked with larger cars.

Thailand Car Rental Tips




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