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Red Curry Roasted Duck Soup

Red Curry Roasted Duck :
Red curry roasted duck soup is called "Kaeng ped pet yang"( แกงเผ็ดเป็ดย่าง ) in Thai. It is a great dish with a little of sweet and spicy. The meal is usually served with rice. More....

Fried Fish Cake 
Fried Fish Cake:
Fried Fish cake is one of the most awemome Thai A la carte. Fried fish cake is known in Thai as"Thod Mun Pla" ( ทอดมันปลา ). If you have not had one yet, More....



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Thai Cooking Menus:

     If you have never had Thai foods before, you may have trouble ordering Thai foods from Thai Cooking Menus. The following are common Thai dish with English description and pronunciation in Thai.

The Fish Dish :


Curry with shrimp and pineapple

Prawns with lemon and coconut

Squid with rice noodles

Prawns with soy bean sprouts

Gang Plaah

Gang Gung Sapparot

Gung Somsaa

Plaah Muk Guai Thiau

Gung Pad Too Gnooh 



The Meat Dish :

Beef with soy sauce Nua Pad Long
Curry with pork and pineapple Gang Ped Muh Sapparot
Meatballs sweet and sour Luukschin Priau Wan
Panang curry with pork Panang Muh
Pork with babycorn Muh Pad Johd Khao Pod
Pork with cucumber Muh Pad Taengkwah
Spicy beef salad Yam Nua
Yellow curry with beef Gang Garrieh Nua

The Chicken Dish :

BBQ Chicken Babikhju Gai
Chicken satay Sate Gai
Chicken with basil and chili Gai Pad Bai Graprau  
Chicken with cashew nuts Gai Pad Med Mamuang
Chicken with pepper and chilli Gai Pad Prik
Chicken curry with pineapple Gang Ped Gai Sapparot
Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaves  
Chicken curry with babycorn Gai Pad Johd Khao Pod
Chicken sweet and sour Gai Pad Priau Wan
Chicken curry with coconut Gang Gai
Green chicken curry with bamboo Gang Kiau Wan Gai

The Rice Dish :

Fried rice with tomatoes Khao Pad
Fried rice with pineapple Khao Pad Sapparot
Fried rice with chicken Khao Pad Gai
Fried rice with prawns Khao Pad Gung
Fried rice with pork Khao Pad Muh


The Noodle Dish :
Fried rice noodles with chicken   Guai Thiau Gai
Fried rice noodles with pork   Guai Thiau Muh
Fried rice noodles with prawns   Guai Thiau Gung
Fried rice noodles with squid   Guai Thiau Plaah Mük
Fried rice noodles with beancurd   Guai Thiau Taohoo
Fried noodles with chicken   Bamie Pad Gai
Fried noodles with chicken   Bamie Pad Gai
Fried noodles with broccoli and pepper   Bamie Pad
Fried noodles with soy bean sprouts   Bamie Pad
Glas noodle salad   Yam Wunsen
Thai fried noodles   Pad Thai







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