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Bangkok Tourist Attractions :

Bangkok Tourist Attractions :
       Bangkok Province, the capital city of Thailand is the prime tourist attraction for both domestic and international travellers. Bubbling with life, this modern metropolis is a paradise for young, vibrant tourists. The attractive mega malls, trendy boutiques More....

Erawan Shrine In Thailand:
  A look around Bangkok will reveal many shrines in front of nearly all big buildings. These shrines are nothing but spirit houses to protect the building from any harm. .More....



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How To Improve Travel Safety

    Most tourists enter Thailand through Bangkok International Airport. Flights are full during the main season, overbooking is common and it is important to reconfirm your reservations. Before boarding a flight to depart through Bangkok International Airport, a departure tax of around $13, that is 500 Baht, has to be paid. Payment is only accepted in cash; therefore make sure that you arrange for it before departure. Transit passengers are exempt from the tax.


    Use only authorized taxis in Thailand. Some tourists who have used unauthorized taxis have reported that they have been robbed and assaulted.  Use the Service counters at Bangkok International Airport, which can provide information on transport to the city and hotels. Motor cycle accidents are very common in Thailand, particularly in resort areas. According to Thai law, motor cycle riders and pillion riders are required to wear helmets but motorcycle taxis do often not provide them. Therefore, make sure that helmets are provided, or otherwise avoid using the motorcycle taxi. Ferry travel in Thailand can be dangerous, as vessel passenger limits are not always observed or sufficient life jackets provided.


    While traveling by bus, if the luggage is stored out of sight, then locking bags is not enough, you need to either have a full cover over the bag, or at the very least check your bag when leaving the bus. There have been cases of the bags being opened expertly, and valuable items being stolen, without any outwardly sign of the bags having been opened.

     Be on the guard against bag snatching especially around tourist attractions and markets.


      Carry a copy of your medical history with you. This could be done simply by listing any medical conditions, blood type, etc. If you are allergic to any medications, include this information too.

How To Improve Travel Safety




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