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Chiang MaiTravel Information :
     Thousands of foreigners visit Chiang Mai each year for its many attractions. One of most interesting events is Chiang Mai Lantern Festival. It was also known as, “Yi Peng Loi Krathong Festival. “Yi Peng”.More....

Wat Phra Kaew:
       Wat Phra Kaew is one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. Wat Phra Kaew is the temple that houses the Emerald Buddha. The temple is located in the grounds of the Grand Palace and consists of over hundred buildings. The buildings are extremely colorfu lMore....



Thailand Hot Springs


    Natural hot springs have long been popular for their curative powers. The minerals and heat in hot springs are known to cure many types of skin ailments, body aches, other physical ailments and generally promote wellbeing.

      There are several natural hot springs in spread across Thailand, primarily in the north and south of the country. Some hot springs offer health packages to visiting tourists. One can indulge in mineral baths, get a traditional Thai massage and take full advantage of the fitness facilities.

      Hot springs are more prevalent in Northern Thailand. The most popular out of these is at San Kamphaeng in Chiang Mai. This spa offers many curative and stress alleviating health packages.

      In Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai is another hot spring which is considered to be one of the best because is not as commercialized as other hot springs. Pa Pae hot spring is located in a picturesque valley amidst a well maintained park.

       Fang province is the northern most part of Thailand and it boasts of 50 hot springs spread across 10 acres of forested land. Lampang and Mae Hong Son provinces in North Thailand also have hot springs.

       In the south of Thailand a popular hot spring is present in Ranong province. This hot spring is in a private resort located within the Raksavarin forest park. The resort was given permission by the government to draw mineral water from the hot spring for commercial use, and it offers many health packages for tourists and visitors along with recreational facilities.

Thailand Hot Springs




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