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Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction

Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction:
There are many ways that you can find actions in Thailand such as escort services, massage parlor, and More....

Northern Thailand Tours - A Haven For Tourists :
The topography of northern Thailand is hilly and mountainous. Northern Thailand is made of 17 provinces which occupy nearly 170,000 square kilometers, bordering Laos in the east and Myanmar in the west.More....



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Travel Safety Tips Valuables :

   In Thailand, some tourists have become the victims of frauds after they accepted offers from people recommending or offering various goods or services, particularly with shopping for jewelry and gems. There may be foreigners involved in these schemes who try to convince their fellow citizens that they are genuine. The Tourism Authority of Thailand can provide official advice on purchasing jewelry and gems. Tourists have also lost large sums of money through fraudulent investment schemes and card game frauds in Thailand.


   While traveling overland by bus, if the luggage is stored out of sight, then locking bags is not enough, you need to either have a full cover over the bag, or at the very least check your bag when leaving the bus. The bags may be opened and valuable items stolen, without any outwardly sign of the bags having been opened. Bag snatching is rampant around tourist attractions and markets. There have also been cases where tourists have been drugged on buses and their valuables stolen.


    Petty crime is common, and money and passports are stolen from rooms (particularly in cheaper hotels and hostels) and from bags from public transport including overnight bus services. Tourists have reported that their bags were sliced open by razor blades in tourist areas. Constantly be aware of your surroundings. Theft is common at airports and even onboard flights. Simple tricks are used, like dropping a number of coins in front of a traveler in an effort to distract him and make off with bags, cameras, and other valuables.





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