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Erawan Shrine In Thailand:
  A look around Bangkok will reveal many shrines in front of nearly all big buildings. These shrines are nothing but spirit houses to protect the building from any harm. .More....



Wat Pho In Bangkok


      The Wat Pho is located in Bangkok and is quite close to the Royal Grand Palace. It is also known as Wat Chetuphon. This is a must see temple while you are visiting Bangkok.

      The oldest structures of Wat Pho date back to the Ayutthaya period. During the Thonburi period, Wat Pho had the status of a royal monastery. In the last two centuries, Wat Pho has been restored a number of times to keep its beauty and grandeur intact.

      Wat Pho is famous for its Reclining Buddha. The Vihara of the Reclining Buddha was built during Rama III’s reign. The Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho is 46 meters long and 15 meters in height. The gilded image of the Reclining Buddha is famous for its feet. The feet have mother-of-pearl inlay drawings of 108 auspicious characteristics of Buddha.

       Once you exit the Vihara where the Reclining Buddha is located, you will see the Phra Mondop. This is the Scripture Hall. This building is quite imposing with a crown like spire and is decorated with colorful porcelain. The Scripture Hall features a small library dedicated to the teachings of Buddha.

        The Wat Pho has nearly 100 pagodas. They are of different styles and dimensions. Out of these pagodas, the most popular are the four which are dedicated to the first four kings of the Chakri dynasty. Each of these four pagodas is 41 meters in height and differently colored. They are colored green, white, yellow and blue and are dedicated to Kings Rama I, II, III and IV respectively.

        At the Wat Pho one can see the main image of Buddha in the Phra Ubosot. The image is in a meditation posture in the Ayutthaya style and the walls of the Phra Ubosot have murals featuring different levels of heaven while the eight doors of the Ubosot have pearl inlays and depict the epic of Ramayana.

        The Wat Pho has long been associated with health and it is still the center for traditional Thai massage, which visitors can experience if they wish to.

Wat Pho In Bangkok





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