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Bangkok Tourist Attractions :

Bangkok Tourist Attractions
       Bangkok Province, the capital city of Thailand is the prime tourist attraction for both domestic and international travellers. Bubbling with life, this modern metropolis is a paradise for young, vibrant tourists. The attractive mega malls, trendy boutiques More....

Nan Province 
Nan Province :
Nan Province is a serene and attractive tourist destination, which is cozily snuggled in the lush valley forests of northern Thailand. Bestowed with a rich legacy, this place is located on the banks of Nan River  More....

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Phetchaburi Travel Guide :

When you think of Thailand, so many picturesque images float before your eyes – the thatched huts, the ancient temples, the vast expanse of agricultural lands, the coconut trees, and the gentle lapping of the blue blue water.

There are many places to visit Thailand and one such place is Phetchaburi. If you have a chance, you must take a Cheap Flights to Phetchaburi. The Thais refer to this place as Muang Phtech in their local language. It is situated 160 kilometers South of Bangkok. This city is beautifully cocooned between mountains, ranges, and dense forests.

The city is quite ancient and there are many speculations about its name. Some say the name has an Indian influence and some say that the name has originated from the name of a river, called Maenam Phetch.

The city has a rich historical background. Many archeological findings point that the city’s history can be traced back to the Dvaravati period. It was an important fort during the Sukhotai and Autthaya period. The city is also sometimes referred as the living Autthaya because it bears several resemblances to the city Autthaya.

This city’s historical background is also evident from the establishment of three palaces. These palaces were built by the kings Rama IV, V, and VI. The city is resplendent with places to visit, such as parks, temples, beaches, and caves. The city poses a refreshing sight because there are three rivers that are flowing through the city. The people residing in this city are simple farmers and are mainly into cultivating rice, farming fruits, producing sugar, animal husbandry, and fishing.

Although Thailand is a safe destination, travellers should be aware of occasional violence and banditry in some border areas, petty theft in cities and resort areas, and security issues on public transport, particularly those affecting women travelling on their own.




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