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Hungry Buddhism Ghost Festival In Thailand :
     Like Holy Ghost Festival Hawaii, Hungry Buddhism Ghost Festival in Thailand is also famous. The ghost festival, known as Phi Ta Khon, is a masked procession on the first day of More....

The Hill Tribes of Thailand:
    Hill tribe is a common name used to refer the ethnic minorities living in the mountainous regions in northern Thailand. Each hill tribe has its own customs, language, dress and beliefs. Most migrated to Thailand from Tibet, Burma, China and Laos nearly 200 years ago. More....



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Chiang MaiTravel Information :

   Chiang Mai is the largest city of Northern Thailand. Chiang mai is 700 km north of Bangkok. Some of the highest mountains in Thailand are in Bangkok.  

      Thousands of foreigners visit Chiang Mai each year for its many attractions. One of most interesting events is Chiang Mai Lantern Festival. It was also known as, “Yi Peng Loi Krathong Festival. “Yi Peng” can translate to the full moon night of twelve lunar month. Chaing Mai municipality of Thailand organize the festival in November of every years.

       Chiang Mai locals usually launch hot air lantern balloons to celebrate Chiang Mai Loi Krathong festival in Thailand. The hot air balloons suppose to drift away the troubles and bad luck away.

        Banana leaf boat or “Krathong” are also used to celebrate the festival. Chiang Mai will make boats out of banana leaves and drift it away in the river.  While tradition Kratong were made exclusively from banana leaves, modern Kratong come in all shapes and sizes.
The final night of the festival is the most spectacular. People invent giant Kratong for display through the streets of Chiang Mai. The giant Kratong usually tell the story of lord Buddha, history, and beautiful culture of Thailand.

         There are many other interesting activities during the festival such as fireworks, Kratong contests, and folk show. If you would have a chance to visit Chiang Mai in November, you definitely don’t’ want to miss out.

For more information :
The Tourism Authority of Thailand
1600 New Phetburi Road,
Makkasan, Rajatevee,
Bangkok 10400 - Thailand
Email: info@tat.or.th




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