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Wat Khun Inthapramun :

Wat Khun Inthapramun - Ang Thong Province
      Wat Khun Inthapramun is one of the most ancient temples constructed during the Sukhothai period. It houses the largest and longest reclining Buddha of Thailand. Constructed in the famous Ayutthaya style, the reclining Buddha stands 50 meters tall (when measured from the topknot to the feet). More....

Wat Pa Mok - Ang Thong Province 

Wat Pa Mok:
   Well known for housing one of the most beautiful reclining Buddha images in Thailand, Wat Pa Mok Worawihan is one of the most prominent royal grade monasteries of Ang Thong. More....



Angthong Travel Guide:

Ban Bang Phae Drum Making Village

   Some villages in and around Ang Thong are very famous for the traditional art and crafts. These skills are usually passed down from one generation to the other. One such village is Ban Bang Phae, which is known for its art of drum making.


      Lying along the Chao Phraya River, at Tambon Ekkarat, is Ban Bang Phae, where the whole village is involved in making drums during the non-harvesting season since 1927.

      These drums are produced using soft wood obtained from the rain tree and cow hide. The rain tree wood is used because of its soft texture and the fact that it can be dug easily. The drums are produced in different sizes, varying from the small souvenir size to the very large size drums used frequently in temples for religious purposes. People of Ban Bang Phae produce the best quality drums which are widely known for their perfection and attraction. Miniature drums are very popular among the tourists who carry them as a memento.

      Drum shops can be found on both sides of the road, selling glorious drums of various sizes. Tourists can observe the entire drum-making process if they wish to see it, including the process of lathing wood, laying cow hide sheet and embedding pins. Apart from learning about the drum-making process, this village is also famous for maintaining the typical Thai lifestyle. Tourists can get a glimpse of the, life and lifestyle of Thai people in addition to getting a taste of staying in the original Thai-style houses and enjoying their peaceful lifestyle for a few hours.

      Tourists can also see the largest drum in the world in the home of the Tambon chief. It measures 3,692 centimeters in width and 7.6 meters in length. It is made up of 6 pieces of connecting Albizzia lebbek.

Ban Bang Phae Drum Making Village  - Ang Thong Province





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( Ban Bang Phae Drum Making Village - Ang Thong Province )