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Non Mueang Ancient Town :

Khon Kaen Travel Guide : Non Mueang Ancient Town
        The ancient town on Non Mueang is located at Ban Na Pho, which is around 80 kilometers from Khon Kaen town in Khon Kaen Province. A visit to this site is a must for anyone who is interested in archaeology.More....


Phra That Kham Kaen 

Khon Kaen Travel Guide : Phra That Kham Kaen
          Phra That Kham Kaen is around 12 kilometers from the city of Khon Kaen. According to a legend, the king of the Mori town in the Khmer kingdom sent 9 monks to bring back relics of Lord Buddha so that they could be placed in Phrathat Phanom. More....



Khon Kaen Travel Guide :

Phu Wiang National Park 

        Phu Wiang National Park, spread over 380 square kilometers, is the park where you can learn about dinosaurs. Until 1976, there was no indication that this national park was once home to dinosaurs. But then everything changed. A uranium survey team found a piece of fossil which was checked by French specialists who confirmed that the fossil was a left knee bone of a dinosaur; and ever since excavations have unearthed more and more dinosaur fossils.


        The first site of the fossil was Pratu Ti Ma, a hill. On this hill geologists found a 15 meters tall fossil of a dinosaur complete with a neck and tail. It is believed that this fossil belongs to a plant-eating dinosaur and was never found anywhere else before. The fossil was named Phuwiangosaurus Sirindhornae in honor of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Even fossils of ten teeth of meat-eating dinosaur have been found at the same site. Geologists believe that the long-necked dinosaur fell prey to the meat-eating dinosaur. Even among the teeth, one was different and belonged to a never-found species. Thus, it was named Siamosaurus Suteethorni after Warawuth Suteethorn, the discoverer of the teeth.

        The fossils of tyrannosaurus found at the park are the oldest in the world, dating back to 120 to 130 million years. This led scientists to believe that the tyrannosaurus actually originated in Asia.

        You can also 68 footprints of dinosaurs in the park. These footprints are estimated to be 140 million years old. Most of the footprints belong to the smallest species of meat-eating dinosaurs but you can also see a larger footprint belonging to a Carnosaurus.

        Geologists have also found fossils of baby dinosaurs, small crocodiles and mussels, which all date back to over 150 million years. Besides fossils, the park also has an image of a reclining Buddha situated on the crest of Phu Wiang Mountain. It is believed that the image was made in the somewhere in the 9th century. Nearby, you can find the Red Palm Cave, known as Tham Famue Daeng Dang in Thai language. The caves has pre-historic drawings on its walls.

        If dinosaur fossils and pre-historic drawings are not for you, take time out to enjoy the waterfalls and the wild flowers. The park boasts of some beautiful waterfalls, one as high as 15 meters. This waterfall is called Namtok Tat Fa.

Khon Kaen Travel Guide : Phu Wiang National Park





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