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Chiang Mai National Museum :

Chiang Mai National Museum 
    Chiang Mai National Museum is located in the northern part of the city, right next to Wat Chet Yot on the ‘Superway’ road, where it appears as a beautiful typical Thai-style building with a traditional Lanna-style rooftop. More....

Chiang Mai Wildlife and Eco-tourism  
Chiang Mai Wildlife and Eco-tourism
  If you are a person who loves to stay close to the nature, then Chiang Mai is a must see place for you. It offers trekking, cycling, 4-wheel drive, whitewater rafting, bamboo rafting, remote jungle trail, easy mountain biking, exciting elephant rides, and alternative accommodations and home stays. More....



Chiang Mai Night Bazaar 

    Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand, is located about 700 kilometers north of Bangkok at an altitude of 310 meters. Placed in the broad valley of the Ping River, Chiang Mai is surrounded by misty mountains and lush green forests.


        The city is famous for its exquisite mountain ranges, beautiful waterfalls, scenic beauty and meandering rivers, which provide the city with a distinct romantic flavor. The city is also famous for its beautiful temples and considered as a holy pilgrim destination. Apart from these attractions, the city of Chiang Mai is also well known world wide for its cheap hill tribe handicrafts and night bazaars.

        The night bazaar is situated in the heart of the city, on the Chan Klan road, between Tha Pae and Loi Kroa roads. It is located within walking distance of most hotels. The market opens by 6 p.m. and remains packed and busy until 11 p.m. There are a large number of restaurants and other useful services like internet centers, currency exchange counters, and tour booking offices clustered around the night bazaar. The market offers a large variety of handicrafts and souvenirs at attractive prices. Tourists are usually seen wandering along the crowded pavements, admiring the beautifully made hill tribe handicrafts or busy trying to get a good bargain. Tourists can get a taste of the best Thai food and delectable international cuisines from the numerous fast food centers and restaurants scattered all over the Night Bazaar.

        The commonly sold goods in the night bazaar include clothing (hand-woven silk and hemp clothing), Thai silk and fabric, Thai silk pillow cases, Chinese herbal medicine, spices, flowers, perfumes, electronic goods (like cameras, walkmans, TVs and DVD players and audio-video CDs), toys, gems and jewelry, handicrafts (hand-painted fans and umbrellas), hill tribe art and costumes, silverware, wood carved products, antique pieces, and items for interior decoration. Most shops and stalls offer Bangkok-produced counterfeits of international brand such as luggage, accessories, T-shirts, sunglasses, watches, and shoes among others. One very popular service that the bazaar offers is portrait paintings from photographs or getting your portrait painted in Thai costume.

        Usually, items sold at shops inside the Night Bazaar building are handmade and of very good quality, while the street side stalls sell cheap quality replicas from China or Burma that are not truly Thai handicrafts. Once you like an item, you can try using your haggling and bargaining skills to strike the best deal.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar 





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