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Chiang Saen National Museum :

Chiang Saen National Museum - Chiang Rai Travel Information
   Chiang Saen National Museum is a branch of the National Museum of Thailand, which is located in the Chiang Saen town. Established in 1957, this 50 years old museum is considered to provide a profound preview of the historic past of the Chiang Saen town.More....

The Golden Triangle  - Chiang Rai Travel Information 
The Golden Triangle:
There are many ways that you can find actions in Thailand such as escort services, massage parlor, and More....


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Chiang Rai Travel Information :
Wat Phra Sing

    Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Rai is a sister temple to Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai. It is located on the Singha Khlai Road. This temple serves as a monastery and is an important tourist destination of Chiang Rai.

Although its history and origin is not clearly established, it is believed by experts that this temple was built during the 15th century by King Pra Chao Maha Proma using the classic Lanna-style of architecture. Since then, the wat has been restored several times. It houses the famous Phra Phuttha (Buddha) Sing image which is believed to have been brought from Sri Lanka during the Sukhothai period.

All the buildings in the temple are constructed in the classic Lanna-style of architecture, and have low sweeping roofs. The inner sections of the bot are bedecked with vibrant murals, while the sections just under the bot are decorated with finely wrought animal figures. Apart from the famous Ebony and Gold image of Buddha and the Purple Jade Buddha, there are several other fascinating Buddha images housed in Wat Pra Singh under the sacred Bodhi trees. The temple grounds are scattered with Bodhi trees which are surrounded by unique images of Buddha depicting Him in numerous postures and positions.

The temple is a “must see” for all tourists visiting Chiang Rai. Apart from its captivating architectural beauty and its religious value as a leading pilgrim destination of Chiang Rai, Wat Pra Singh is also famous for yet another aspect. It serves as a teaching monastery for Pali language. There is a separate building which serves as a Pali language school to perpetuate the cultural and religious beliefs of Buddhism.


Wat Phra Sing  - Chiang Rai Travel Information


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