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Baan Sao Nak :

Baan Sao Nak
  Present on Ratwattana Road is a sprawling and beautifully conserved remarkable structure called the Ban Sao Nak. More....

Chae Son National Park 
Chae Son National Park
    Located 68 kilometer from Lampang on the Lampang-Wag Nua Road is an interesting and beautiful tourist destination known as the Chae Son National Park.  More....



Lampang Travel Information :  

Lampang Elephant Conservation Center

    Located in Thung Kwian Forest Park in the Hang Chat district of Lampang province is the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, which is considered by many as one of the most remarkable and thrilling tourist destinations in Thailand.


     The Thai Elephant Conservation Center was established with the objective of protecting the rapidly depleting Thai elephant population and preserving local traditions for future generations. As a result, the center was renamed in 2002 as the National Elephant Institute, Lampang. The Thai Elephant Conservation Center functions under the veterinary section of the Northern Timber Work Division of the Forestry Industry Organization.

     This center is the only site in the world where elephants are provided training to carry out forest work such as transporting timber. Training classes are also conducted to train elephant caretakers or mahouts in skills required to handle the animal carefully and get them to do the desired work. Another beautiful attraction at the center is the conservation and training provided to baby elephants. This center is probably the only baby elephant training center in the world.

      Apart from elephant conservation, this center also aims to improve tourism in the area. Everyday, demonstrations and shows are held so as to attract tourists and amuse them. Visitors can have a glimpse of the training exercises at the center as all the other activities of these pachyderms such as bathing, working and log pushing are performed during the shows. One can even enjoy a ride on the back of these magnificent giants. A memorable sight on the center is the way elephants celebrate the fall of rain drops during rain seasons. Visitors can even feed the animals with fruits.

        The Thai Elephant Conservation Center is situated on the Lampang-Chiang Mai highway 32 kilometers from the city of Lampang and it is 77 kilometers from the city of Chiang Mai. Tourists can either board a bus or hire a car from Lampang or Chiang Mai to reach the center.

Lampang Elephant Conservation Center




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