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Baan Sao Nak :

Baan Sao Nak
  Present on Ratwattana Road is a sprawling and beautifully conserved remarkable structure called the Ban Sao Nak. More....

Chae Son National Park 
Chae Son National Park
    Located 68 kilometer from Lampang on the Lampang-Wag Nua Road is an interesting and beautiful tourist destination known as the Chae Son National Park.  More....



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Lampang Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions :

          Lampang Province is one of the oldest and most exciting tourist destinations of Thailand. It is rich in archaeological evidences reflecting the evolution, history and culture of ancient Thai and Burmese civilizations. Located in northern Thailand on the banks of Wang River, Lampang Province is divided into 13 districts.

            The most important tourist destinations of the region are Doi Khun National Park and Thai Elephants Conservation Center. There are several famous temples located in the Ko Kha district including Wat Phra That Chom Ping and Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. Famous for its horse-drawn carriages, Lampang region consists of Kiu Lom Dam and other Buddhist temples and chedis that are worth a visit. Chae Son National Park in the Mueang district is famous for its hot springs, pristine forests, meandering streams, lofty waterfalls and beautiful mountains. The Tham Pha Thai National Park has built in caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

          The Thai Elephant conservation center organizes an elephant show during the annual Khantok Chang Fair that is held every year during the month of February. Luang Wiang Lakhon Fair is another prominent festival of this region. The region is famous for its weaving mills, hand-made cotton, Sa paper, terra-cotta articles and intricate woodcarving.

          Camping, trekking and elephant rides in the Doi Khun Than National Park are a major attraction. Rock climbing is a famous sport at the Chae Son National Park, which also offers camping facilities. The hot springs with their therapeutic properties make this park an ideal destination for tourists who are interested in taking a dip in this hot spring and feel rejuvenated.

          Lampang Province is located at a distance of 599 kilometers from Bangkok city. There are several travel options available for tourists to reach Lampang. Daily Bus services are operated from Bangkok’s Mochit 2 Bus Terminal. Tourists can even opt for train services to Lampang from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station or even hire a car from Bangkok to reach Lampang. 


Lampang Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions





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