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Doi Khun Tan National Park 

Doi Khun Tan National Park :
    Located amidst the lofty Khun Than mountain ranges in Northern Thailand is  one of the most beautiful and most enchanting national parks in Thailand known as the Doi Khun Tan National Park. More....

Mae Ping National Park - Lamphun Tourist Attraction 

Mae Ping National Park
    Spread over an area of approximately 1,000 square kilometers Mae Ping National Park is one of the most fertile forests in Thailand. It is renowned for its abundant collection of plants, wild animals and birds.  More....



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Lamphun Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions :

          Lamphun Province is a small, ancient town located on the banks of Kuang River. It is well known for its divine ambience, archaeological relics, delightful lakes, lush forests, rough mountain terrains and serene natural beauty. Lamphun Province is the biggest producer of Longas.

          Located between the Lamphun and Lampang regions is the Khun Than Mountain Range. The entire area surrounding the mountains has been converted into The Doi Khun Than National Park, which is a major tourist destination. Another prominent place is Ban Hong that guards the remnants of Hariphunchai Kingdom. It has numerous old temples and caves located within the mountains that preserve the culture of this ancient community. Apart from these, the Hariphunchai National Museum, Longan orchards at Ban Nong Chang Kheun, marvelous temples like Wat Chamthewi, Wat Phra Yuen and Buddhist shrines are a feast to the eyes. There is a teakwood library that houses several ancient Pali scripts.

          Adventure lovers have a lot of enjoyment in store at Lamphun. Overnight camps, elephant rides and trekking are the major tourist activities at the Doi Khun Than National Park. Running through the park is a 1,352 meters long tunnel, which is the longest in the country. The northern rail line runs through this tunnel and takes the tourists through a world of pristine jungles and divine natural beauty.

          Lamphun Province is located at a distance of 670 kilometers from Bangkok city and 26 kilometers from Chiang Mai. There are several travel options available for tourists to reach Lamphun. Tourist can take Thai Airways flight and reach Chiang Mai and then board a direct bus from there. Daily Bus services are operated from Bangkok’s Mochit 2 Bus Terminal. Tourists can board a train to Lamphun from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station or even hire a car from Bangkok or Chiang Mai.


Lamphun Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions





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