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Maps Of Maha Sarakham

Maha Sarakham Map

Ku Santarat  :

     Maha Sarakham Travel Guide : Ku Santarat
        Ku Santarat is also called Santaratana. It is a small Khmer site and is located not too far from the Phra That Na Dun. Different experts disagree on what Ku Santarat was used for. Some say that it was a place of worship, while others feel that it was used as a hospital. More....


Phra Yuen Mongkhon Buddha :

   Maha Sarakham Travel Guide : Phra Yuen Mongkhon Buddha
        According to a legend, people of Kanthaarawichai built Buddha images to ask for rain after a period of drought. The men built an image known as Mueang Buddha while the women built the Phra Yuen Mongkhon Buddha. Once both the image were completed, the people held a big celebration to mark the occasion. Thereafter, the area has been getting regular rainfall. More....



Maha Sarakham Travel Guide :

Dun Lamphan No Hunting Area 

        Maha Sarakham Province is situated in the northeaster region of Thailand, which is popularly known as Isan. The provincial capital is the province's namesake and situated on the banks of Chi River.


        The city of Maha Sarakham is popular for its number of colleges and has long been known as the regional educational center. This distinction has won the city the name Taksila of Isan. Taksila was the educational center in ancient India. The city has a student town feel and until recently the infrastructure was not well-developed. However, due to growing student population, things are now changing and visitors can now enjoy things which were earlier not present including hotel, modern department store, market, cinemas, and restaurants. However, be prepared to use bicycle rickshaws to get from one historical or cultural site to another if you have not brought your own car.

        Maha Sarakham is home to a number of important temples and religious sites. The city also has many attractive parks, which spread into the surrounding areas. Although there is no railway station or airport, Maha Sarakham is well connected by road to Khon Kaen and Roi Et, which have airports.

        A visit to Maha Sarakham province will be incomplete without visiting Dun Lamphan No-hunting Area, which is located around 60 kilometers from the provincial city. The area has two forests, namely deciduous dipterocarp and peat swamp forests. There is a stream that flows all around the year.

        Dun Lamphan No-hunting Area is home to may rare and endemic species of plants and animals. The most famous endemic species is the Mealy Crab, also known as Pu Thunkramom, the name given by Princess Chulabhorn. The crab is slightly bigger than a ricefield crab but it is quite colorful. You can see Mealy Crabs in colors of purple, orange, yellow and white. It is a protected anumal.

        Dun Lamphan No-hunting Area is excellent location for those who are interested in bird watching or studying ecological systems.

Maha Sarakham Travel Guide : Dun Lamphan No Hunting Area






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