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Maps Of Maha Sarakham

Maha Sarakham Map

Ku Santarat  :

     Maha Sarakham Travel Guide : Ku Santarat
        Ku Santarat is also called Santaratana. It is a small Khmer site and is located not too far from the Phra That Na Dun. Different experts disagree on what Ku Santarat was used for. Some say that it was a place of worship, while others feel that it was used as a hospital. More....


Phra Yuen Mongkhon Buddha :

   Maha Sarakham Travel Guide : Phra Yuen Mongkhon Buddha
        According to a legend, people of Kanthaarawichai built Buddha images to ask for rain after a period of drought. The men built an image known as Mueang Buddha while the women built the Phra Yuen Mongkhon Buddha. Once both the image were completed, the people held a big celebration to mark the occasion. Thereafter, the area has been getting regular rainfall. More....



Maha Sarakham Travel Guide :

Kosamphi Forest Park 

        The province of Maha Sarakham is situated in northeastern Thailand and it is the regional education center. Given the number of colleges and educational institutes in the province, it has earned the name Taksila of Isan. Taksila was a city in ancient India which was learning center and educational hub for all branches.


        However, that is not all Maha Sarakham has to offer. You can enjoy many temples, historical sites, beautiful handwoven silk and cotton fabrics or just stop at the forest park to enjoy the wildlife and greenery.

        The province is around 470 kilometers from Bangkok and is spread over an area of 5,291 square kilometers. It is here that you can enjoy the 50 acres of Kosamphi Forest Park, which is situated by the Chi River.

        Kosamphi Forest Park was established in October 1976 and is home to number of big trees whose peaks touch each other to form a canopy. The forest park also has a natural pond that makes it an ideal home for number of species of birds and wildlife. However, the biggest attraction of Kosamphi Forest Park is the large number of crab-eating grey and gold macaques.

        For those of you who want to be close to nature can enjoy the Kaeng Tat rapids in Chi River. These rapid are located in the north and east of the park. You can also enjoy the toothbrush trees that are bent into different shapes. Over 200 trees are present in the park.

        Kosamphi Forest Park is approximately 28 kilometers from Maha Sarakham city and an asphalt road leads to the park making it easy for visitors to reach it.

Maha Sarakham Travel Guide : Kosamphi Forest Park





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