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Maps Of Nakhon Ratchasima

Nakhon Ratchasima Map

Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo :

Nakhon Ratchasima Travel Guide : Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo
        Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo is around 13 kilometers from the city of Nakhon Ratchasim. It is located on Ratchasima Pakthongchai Road and covers and area of 218 acres. It is one of the most modern zoos of Asia and is home to over 500 animals, including the magnificent large animals from Africa.More....


Wat Na Phra That :

Nakhon Ratchasima Travel Guide : Wat Na Phra That
        Nakhon Ratchasima Province is located in the northeastern part of Thailand. The provincial capital is also called Nakhon Ratchasima and is considered to be the gateway to Isan. More....



Nakhon Ratchasima Travel Guide :

Petrified Wood Park 

        The Petrified Wood Park is located in Suranari district of Nakhon Ratchasima. The park and the museum present in the park have a collection of over 10,000 petrified wood pieces. The wood pieces were unearthed from a depth of 8 meters as well as from just beneath the surface of the ground.


        The wood pieces vary in size. Some of them are the size of pebbles, while others are the size of rocks with a diameter of over 50 centimeters. Some petrified wood pieces are longer than 1 meter. In addition, the petrified wood pieces have wide ranging colors. According to geological evidence, the wood pieces date back to 1 million to 70 million years.

        The provincial authorities decided to build a museum to showcase all the fossils that have been discovered in the area. The Petrified Wood Museum has three buildings. The first building is for exhibiting petrified wood, the second for ancient elephant fossils and the third is for dinosaurs. There is even an outdoor exhibition area, which showcases petrified wood found in the northeastern region. The museum exhibits all finds of the northeastern region where so many fossils have been found.

        The Petrified Wood Park and the associated museum is the first of its kind in Asia. The idea behind it is to conserve and preserve all the pre-historic findings so that people can study them and find out more about an era long gone.

        The Petrified Wood Park is located near Wat Krok Duen Ha and you need to drive through Suranari University of Technology to get to it. The park is a must for anyone interested in fossils and geology.

Nakhon Ratchasima Travel Guide : Petrified Wood Park





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