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Maps Of Nakhon Sawan

Nakhon Sawan Map

Chan Sen Ancient City

Chan Sen Ancient City and Chan Sen Museum
    Apart from natural wonders and spectacular delights, Nakhon Sawan is also considered to be a significant site for describing ancient Thai civilization.  More....


Khao No-Khao Kaeo

Khao No-Khao Kaeo - Nakhon Sawan Tourist Attraction
      Nakhon Sawan province, also known as Pak Nam Pho, is widely considered as the doorway to the north and is also a major transportation hub situated in the lower northern part of Thailand.  More....



Nakhon Sawan Tourist Attraction :

Bung Boraphet Marine Sanctuary

   Located towards the east of Nakhon Sawan province is the largest fresh water swamp and lake in central Thailand known as Bueng Boraphet. This lake is spread over an area of 224 square kilometers and is situated south of Nan River.


     Originally, Bueng Boraphet was once known as Chom Bueng or the Northern Sea that was primarily filled with large sections of water plants. As per records, there are around 148 types of fresh water fish and 44 types of water plants present in the waters of Bueng Boraphet. These include certain rare species such as the Princess Sirinthorn bird and the Sur Tor fish.

      Bueng Boraphet is a well known picturesque location in entire Nakhon Sawan. It is widely known for its large collection of migratory birds. Birds mostly migrate to this place during the month of November right through March. Bird watchers can have a memorable time around the lake during this period. Apart from this, other attractions around the lake include a museum and a large aquarium that houses various species of fresh water fish.

       Due to the existence of such rare species of birds and fishes, 106 square kilometers around the lake has been declared as a non-hunting zone from the year 1975. Even the Thai government has recognized and notified this particular area as a wetland of international importance.

      Thai Fisheries Research Station is located near the museum. This center is famous in Thailand for its large captive breeding of crocodiles. Visitors can pay a visit to this research center and have a glimpse of these magnificent animals and their breeding grounds. Boats are also available on rent for visitors interested to go along the shore. Located inside the fisheries station are also some open air restaurants that serve several interesting Thai delicacies.

Bung Boraphet Marine Sanctuary





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( Bung Boraphet Marine Sanctuary - Nakhon Sawan Tourist Attraction )