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Phu Sang National Park :

Phu Sang National Park, Phayao Tourist Attractions
     Situated 691 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok is a small peaceful Thai province known as Phayao. More....

Wat Nantharam, Phayao Tourist Attractions 

Wat Nantharam :
   Phayao province located on the Chai Nam Rod, on the western side of Pak Phanang district is present one of the beautiful, sacred and ancient temples in the Phayao province known as the Wat Nantharam.  More....



Doi Luang National Park 

        Doi Luang National Park is considered to be one of the largest parks in the northern part of Thailand. The reserve was established in 1990 after 4 parks were combined. The four parks were Champa Thong Waterfall Park, Bha Gred Naak Waterfall Park, Pu Gaeng Waterfall Park and Wang Gaew Waterfall Park. Today, Doi Luang National Park is spread over an area of 1,170 square kilometers.


        Given the size of the park, it is not surprising that it falls in three provinces of Thailand, namely Chiang Rai, Phayao and Lampang. In the park, there are three watersheds, Wang River, Lao River and Phayao Lake. The Phayao Lake is the second largest fresh water lake in Thailand.

        The winter season in the park is from November through February when the temperatures range between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to go out hiking and camping in the park. However, make sure that you carry some warm clothes as it is quite cool in the evenings and early morning. If you are the type who wants to spend his time frolicking in water, then the summer season, which is from March to May, is the best time to visit Doi Luang National Park.

        The park has evergreen forests, dry dipterocarp forest and mixed deciduous forest which are home to a variety of animals like wild boars, civets, Malayan flying lemurs, barking deer, flying squirrels, palm civets, macaques, tiger, black cat, Siamese hare and jungle fowl. The park is also known to have more than 200 species of birds like Richard’s pipits, blue winged pittas, partridges, parrots and sooty headed bulbuls.

        On the Phayao side of the park, the main attraction is the Champa Thong Waterfall. This waterfall is surrounded by tropical forests and is considered to be one of the best places in the park to watch birds and butterflies.

Doi Luang National Park





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