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Phu Sang National Park :

Phu Sang National Park, Phayao Tourist Attractions
     Situated 691 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok is a small peaceful Thai province known as Phayao. More....

Wat Nantharam, Phayao Tourist Attractions 

Wat Nantharam :
   Phayao province located on the Chai Nam Rod, on the western side of Pak Phanang district is present one of the beautiful, sacred and ancient temples in the Phayao province known as the Wat Nantharam.  More....



Phayao Tourist Attractions :

Kwan Phayao Lake

    Covering an area of 2.3 square kilometers and located at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level, Kwan Phayao is one of the largest artificial lakes in entire Northern Thailand.


      In fact, this lake is the largest fresh water habitat in the upper northern part of Thailand that provides livelihood for local people of the region. Situated on the southeastern banks of this lake is the beautiful and bustling town of Phayao.    

      Majority of the water coming into the Kwan Phayao is from the Nam Mae Ing. However, a smaller percentage of water also comes from the Mae Tam. Interestingly, Nam Mae Ing empties itself on the northern side and Mae Tam fills up at the southern end. However, the water inside the lake is never allowed to rise beyond a certain level. Sluice gates are used to control the water level and there is also a spillway so that the mean water depth is always maintained at 1.7 meters. Water from the lake is emptied in the east into the Mekong River via Nam Mae Lag.

      Another interesting aspect of this lake is that the pH of the water varies between 6.0 and 9.1, thus making it highly conducive for the growth of almost thirty-six species of aquatic plants and twenty-two species of fish. In fact, Kwan Phayao is considered as the largest semi-natural wetlands in entire northern Thailand. Kwan Phayao Lake is also known to be a preferred destination for resident and migratory birds. Apart from these, the water in the lake is also an important source of municipal water supply.

     Present around the lake are some beautiful and picturesque locations, thus making Kwan Phayao a popular weekend destination for the locals of Phayao.

Kwan Phayao Lake, Phayao Tourist Attractions





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