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Phu Sang National Park, Phayao Tourist Attractions

Phu Sang National Park :
     Situated 691 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok is a small peaceful Thai province known as Phayao. More....

Kwan Phayao Lake, Phayao Tourist Attractions

Kwan Phayao Lake :

       Covering an area of 2.3 square kilometers and located at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level, Kwan Phayao is one of the largest artificial lakes in entire Northern Thailand. More.



Phayao Tourist Attractions :

Wat Nantharam

    Phayao province located on the Chai Nam Rod, on the western side of Pak Phanang district is present one of the beautiful, sacred and ancient temples in the Phayao province known as the Wat Nantharam.


      Also known as Wat Tai, Wat Nantharam is better known its red sandstone image of Lord Buddha. The entire temple is believed to have been constructed during the Ayutthaya period or even before that. Teak wood has been used to construct a major portion of the monastery. Basically, the entire building is a Shan-styled wooden structure containing a multi-tiered roof. The roof of the temple is supported by using 68 massive teak pillars that are covered with red and black lacquer and are also gilded. The construction of the temple resembles Burmese-style architecture.

     Most important aspect of this temple is the beautiful Luang Pho Phut, a red sandstone image of Lord Buddha that belongs to the early Ayutthaya period. This image of Lord Buddha is highly respected and worshipped by the people of Pak Phanang. However, the principal Buddha image inside the temple is made of teakwood in Mandalay-style.

      Another interesting aspect present inside Wat Nantharam is a giant phallic symbol that was found during the archaeological excavations done at Khao Kha. The age of this symbol is believed to be around 1,200 years old and dates back to the period between 7th and 9th century. In fact, the symbol is a limestone structure considered to be the most complete in southern Thailand. Windows, doors, gables, corridors and various other parts of the temple contain some exquisite wood carvings that have been beautifully chiseled with elaborate designs.

Wat Nantharam, Phayao Tourist Attractions





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