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Bun Si Fai  :

Phichit Tourist Attractions: Bun Si Fai
    One of the most ancient and historically significant provinces located in the northern region of Thailand is Phichit. Spread over an area of 4531 square kilometers, this beautiful province shares its borders with Phitsanulok on the north, Phetchabun on the east, Nakhon Sawan on the south and Kamphaeng Phet on the west.More....

Wat Rong Chang   :

Phichit Tourist Attractions: Wat Rong Chang
    Wat Rong Chang is an old Buddhist monastery located in Tambon Rong Chang 5 kilometers from the town of Phichit on the Phichit-Wang Chik Road. The entire area where the temple currently exists was originally known as “Kong Chang” or elephant gathering.More....



Phichit Tourist Attractions:

Wat Nakhon Chum 

    Situated in the northern part of Thailand, the beautiful province of Phichit is also an important religious destination better known for its various sacred Buddhist monasteries. One such important Buddhist monastery that is worth a visit is the Wat Nakhon Chum.


      Situated 9 kilometers from the town of Phichit on the Phichit-Wang Chik road in Tambon Muang Kao, Wat Nakhon Chum is an ancient temple that is believed to have been constructed during the early Sukhothai period some 800 years ago.

     The most important structure of this temple is the Ubosot that has been built with brick and mortar. So as to provide proper ventilation inside the temple, a separate arrangement has been made. Instead of keeping windows, narrow openings have been made throughout the walls that allow the passage of to and fro air thereby providing ample ventilation and also an ambient temperature inside. This style is exactly similar to temples that were constructed during the Ayutthaya period. Present inside the Ubosot is a large image of Lord Buddha cast in Sukhothai style. This image is believed to be 800 years old. Also present inside the temple is an old main shrine hall.

     Significance of Wat Nakhon Chum in the history of Phichit province can be gauged by the fact that this temple was once used as a place where oath-taking ceremony pledging allegiance to the monarch used to take place through water drinking. Currently, most parts of the monastery are in a dilapidated state and require repair and renovation.

Phichit Tourist Attractions: Wat Nakhon Chum





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