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Bun Si Fai  :

Phichit Tourist Attractions: Bun Si Fai
    One of the most ancient and historically significant provinces located in the northern region of Thailand is Phichit. Spread over an area of 4531 square kilometers, this beautiful province shares its borders with Phitsanulok on the north, Phetchabun on the east, Nakhon Sawan on the south and Kamphaeng Phet on the west.More....

Phichit Tourist Attractions: Wat Nakhon Chum 

Wat Nakhon Chum :
    Situated in the northern part of Thailand, the beautiful province of Phichit is also an important religious destination better known for its various sacred Buddhist monasteries. One such important Buddhist monastery that is worth a visit is the Wat Nakhon Chum. More....



Phitchit Tourist Attractions :

Wat Tha Luang

   Located on the lower northern part of Thailand, Phichit is one of the most ancient provinces of Thailand that was probably built by PharayKhot Thabong in 1056 AD. It is believed to have flourished during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods.


     Better known as an agriculturally fertile province, Phichit is also a religiously prominent place to visit in Thailand. One such important religious place inside the province that is considered highly sacred among the locals is the Wat Tha Luang.

     Wat Tha Luang is the most visited Buddhist monasteries in the entire province. Sitting on the west bank of Nan River on the Busaba Road near the Provincial Hall, this beautiful Buddhist monastery is believed to have been constructed in the year 1845.

     Enshrined inside main shrine hall of the temple is Luang Pho Phet, a Chiang Saen-style bronze statue of Lord Buddha present in a sitting posture and having a lap width of 1.40 meters. The most interesting aspect of this statue is that the image of Lord Buddha has been shown in the attitude of subduing evil and ensuring peace and happiness. This beautiful image of Lord Buddha is believed to have been brought from the north by Khun Phaen. This image was earlier enshrined in Wat Nakhon Chum before it was moved to this temple.

     Apart from the religious importance, there is another interesting aspect associated with Wat Tha Luang. In fact, this monastery is the site where the annual boat festival of the Phichit province takes place during the first Saturday and Sunday of September each year. On this day, boats that are competing in the race are nicely decorated. It is truly a delightful scene to watch these beautifully decorated boats compete with each other.






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