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Mae Yom National Park :

Mae Yom National Park, Phrae Tourist Attractions
    Situated in Song district some 48 kilometers from the provincial town of Phrae, Mae Yom National Park is probably one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. More....


Phra That Phra Lo :

Phrae Province: Phra That Phra Lo
    The province of Phrae is one of the oldest existing communities in the North Thailand region and is situated some 550 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok. More....



Phrae Province:

Fabric Weaving Village 

    Located in the northern part of Thailand, Phrae is the one of the most prosperous and economically developed provinces in the entire country famous for its lucrative coal mines and other industries. Apart from these, there is one aspect that symbolizes Phrae province, which is the art of making the Tin Chok Fabric.


      Long is a small district that is situated some 45 kilometers from the provincial town of Phrae on Highway No. 1023. Present in this district are craftsmen who are exceptionally skilled in the weaving of silk and cotton fabrics. In fact, weaving silk and cotton fabric is a household industry in this province that is being practiced for ages. Weavers living in this district are believed to be the descendants of an age-old community that was supposed to have existed during the Haripoonchai period.

      There are different types of fabrics that are woven in this district. Popular among these is the Tin Chok Fabric that is considered to be the most intricately crafted fabric and requires extreme skill and intense labor. Not everyone is experienced in weaving this fabric. The art of weaving Tin Chok fabric has been passed on from generations to generations and is still one of the most preferred and expensive fabric types found in Thailand. However, people are now trying to change with changing times.

       In order to commemorate the importance of Tin Chok fabric in culture of Thailand, an annual fair is held every year in the Long district during the month of November. It is truly a learning experience to watch these artists weave the Tin Chok fabric.

Phrae Province: Fabric Weaving Village





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